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Isn't it sad!!!? Spending so much of time in Famers Market to buy your groceries and seeing them waste in your Fridge or shelves? Tips From Experts to Store Fruits and Vegetables Fresh.

Most of us know Fruits and vegetables gets off Ethylene gas, Which faint "sweet and musky" odor when pure, This gas influences the ripening of fruit but may also cause plants to die. In the case of Fruits, the effect of ethylene gas is a resulting change in texture (softening), color and other processes,

  • Use Produce Bags.
  • Keep Vegetables and Fruits separate.
  • Store your apples in the fridge. They soften ten times faster at room temperature.
  • Comprehend what produce can be blended, and what can't.
  • Wash produce before storing.
  • Keep bananas, tomatoes, potatoes, lemons, and limes in a cool, dry area, not in the fridge.
Vegetables How long?


 1-5 days

Cucumber 1-10 days


1-2 weeks

(2-3 months in a cool, dark place)

Onions, Cabbage 1-2 Months


1-3 Months

Beans 3-5 Weeks


Remove the high chance of rotting, Make sure you remove rotten produce from the vicinity of all other produce immediately, as one rotten anything can spoil the entire bunch.

Putting away vegetables the correct way will protect them new and eat. A few vegetables and the organic products should be put away in the Fridge, others have to age before being set in the cooler, and others are best put away at room temperature or in a cool dry spot. Discover increasingly about how your preferred vegetables ought to be put away.

We had also asked our team to test storing of Vegetables in our Polar Bags and we should love to share it with you!!


                                 We wish Worlds Food Day 2019

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