Cora Bags (Eco Friendly and Reusable Multi Pouch/ pockets Grocery Bag)

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What’s Special? 

  • Multi-sleeves (compartments) Cora bags
  • Perfect reusable grocery bag for grocery shopping.
  • Reusable & Washable.
  • Environment-friendly. 

Product Description:
Material: High Quality Cotton Fabric
Washable: Yes
Capacity: Up to 15 Kg
Durability: 3-5 Years


Height: 38cm (15 Inch)
Width: 41cm (16 Inch)
Length: 15cm (6 Inch)

Height Including Handel's: 61cm (24 Inch)

No more plastic. This is the last bag you'll ever need!

Introducing the Cora Bags. The best alternative to avoid plastic bags.

The Cora bag is convenient reusable produce bags used while selecting and carrying groceries. These bags can hold up-to 15Kg  of grocery. They are provided with two handles which helps to carry grocery easily and safe. These bags help you to segregate your veggies  


Quality: We use fine quality cotton fabric that is completely Eco Friendly. Since it is fine quality you can easily wash and reuse it for longer duration least of 3-5 years depending on the usage. We use only Natural Indian grown and weaved organic cotton which encourages the social development. 

Simple and majestic design: The bags are stitched with highly skilled professionals and given a majestic look.

Our request: Please do avoid plastic bags to carry fresh vegetables and groceries. Plastic is made out of chemicals that will harm your health. When vegetables are carried or stored in plastic bags these chemicals can leach into the food and then be ingested. There are chances of getting cancer, tissue changes, genetic damage, early puberty and hormonal changes. BPA is the most dangerous chemical that has been used to make certain plastic covers.

Idea: If you are storing vegetables, fruits in plastic covers or containers please check the product name POLAR BAGS which helps you to store food in eco friendly way and modify the atmosphere and increase the shelf life of vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 535 reviews
You'll never regret it.

I have been using this bag since last two weeks now, so I can vouch it was a smart choice. The bag is of normal size and of good quality. The compartments inside, make it more spacious and keep things in organized way.

Just go for it.. Very well built

Useful product but wasn't satisfied with the finishing....

The quality & material is very good.

Good and eco friendly

Excellent product ever

I loved it. Its quality is just superb. Worth to buy it


Amazing product

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