Gardener Choice Dipper Potting Soil Organic Growing Medium- 6-7 KG (Best for Seeds Germinating and Reporting)

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Product Description:
Material: A1 Quality
Quantity: 6-7 KG
*Preserve in cool temperature*
Potting soil support the plant and deliver nutrients and water. Potting soil will bear some resemblance to the plant's native soil. Potting soil overcome its lack of organisms that transform the soil in the ground. Potting soil will be light enough to transport and resist compacting.
  • Contains a rich blend of Only the finest natural ingredients no synthetic plant foods or chemicals
  • Improves aeration and moisture retention
  • Potting soil- Ready to use, No other things to be added.
  • All natural potting mix
  • Helps retain moisture
  • Aerates soil and promotes healthy growth
  • No chemicals added- 100% Organic
  • Bugs free- Doesn't attract pests
  • 5x better growth- Tested and compared under normal weather conditions.
    odor Free- No unpleasant smell, can be stored indoor.
How Do Potting Soil Benefits Hold Up Compared to Red Soil?
Potting and garden soils have very different compositions and, therefore, very different purposes. In most cases, garden soil is good for every outdoor application, while potting soil is best for indoor purposes like seed starting and growing houseplants. While potting soil has many benefits for container plants, the expense is probably not worth it if you’re potting outdoor plants on a large scale. Economically, garden soil may be fixed for very little money and is best for large garden spaces. Overall, both have their place in the gardener’s world and should be used in the correct application for best results.

Pottingsoil is better for containers
Potting mixes are typically composed of ingredients that hold onto water and nutrients, and others that promote good drainage and aeration which help potted plants deal with the difficulties of life in a container. Potting soil may be identical to potting mix, or it may contain actual soil as one of the ingredients. Since it is soil-free potting mixes are best for indoor plants & Seeds germination.

Pottingmix lessens chance of disease
Another of the top potting soil benefits is a lower chance of disease. Gardener choice potting soil is great for starting seeds, since seedlings are especially vulnerable to disease.

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