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Vermicompost (Vermicast, Worm Castings) is a nutrient-rich, natural organic fertiliser and soil amendment that is a rich source of micro and macro-nutrients and microbial enzymes essential for optimal plant growth.


Composting and vermi composting are used to decompose organic remaining together makes best food for plants and many of fungi that will turn your ingredients into the best vermi compost around.

Vermi compost is a type of compost that is made with worms.This kind of compost is essentially worm poop, which makes for a spectacular organic fertilizer that absolutely every outdoor and indoor grow should have. 

It can be made where temperature is as stable as possible somewhere out of sunlight in summer and out of rain in winter and by placing it near the soil, directly on top of it to make it easier for the little insects that are going to turn it into compost to get to it. 

Now, you’ll need to begin filling them with organic material. You can use trimmings and grass from the garden, leftover vegetable skins from cooking, egg shells and even untreated paper and cardboard. Keep in mind to never use inorganic material, like treated paper or paper with ink, trimmings with pesticides or feces from carnivorous animals and keep the right oxygen and humidity parameters up long enough for the mixture to become compost,the mixture should begin transforming and going through various phases.

It gives the soil organic material,it helps roots grow healthy and strong and makes it easier for water to drain through the soil,it gives sandy grounds density, allowing for better humidity retention,it attracts and feeds soil worms,it improves the soil’s pH (acidity),it reduces plants and trees thirst for water,it helps control soil erosion,it reduces stress in plants during droughts or cold temperatures,it improves the content of minerals and vitamins in food grown in soils rich in compost,if used generously in the ground it can totally replace petro-chemical fertilizers. 

Vermi compost has following capabilities, It increases plants resistance to bacteria and fungi.

Its neutral pH levels make it perfect for delicate plants,It favors root absorption,It makes it easier for plants to absorb nutritional elements,It increases breath-ability of soil,It increases resistance to cold.

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