Set of 2- Coco Peat Block (650 grams)-Expands Up-to 3.5- 4 Kg Powder - Gardenershopping

Set of 2- Coco Peat Block (650 grams)-Expands Up-to 3.5- 4 Kg Powder

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Coco peat block is the natural byproduct of coconut cultivation which is crushed coconut husks and substitute for soil.This coconut coir product is renewable and sustainable alternative to peat moss.

Coco peat block's high moisture retention, mildly acidic pH and long-term effectiveness make it a fantastic choice for bedding, soil mediums, soil amendments and landscaping uses.

Coco peat block is free from bacterial and fungal spores in this case you will not introduce diseases into the garden and it decreases water and nutrient usage and improves the overall quality of soil, with the repeated applications or in the correct mix rate soil will become more friable and loose.

It can be mixed with potting soil and it is used as soil substitute for plants ,compost and other grow mediums.It is organic Eco-friendly media with high water retention.

Coco peat block organic fertilizer can be used in wide range of plants following are the few plants where Coco peat block can be used they are tomato, cucumber, egg plant, zucchini, strawberry, melons, carnation, rose etc.By adding some organic compounds to Coco peat, root growth can be speed up and also it offer some natural resistance to plant disease.

Coco peat growing medium has been studied to be a good growing medium because of its good qualities and uses that it can hold to retain large quantities of water which is a sponge-like characteristic. 

When it is added to soil, coco peat helps provide air to the soil and gives space for plant roots to develop.

Producing a coco peat is obtained by soaking the coconut husk and removing the coir fibers. The dusts residue that is called “pith” or peat are washed, compressed and dried then, these are pressed into blocks of coco peat using a blocking machine, Coir Fiber Dust Block can be compressed to one fifth or less of its volume reducing transportation, storage and handling costs. 

Coco peat mixed with coconut husk chips provides all the advantages of coco peat while increasing the drainage of the mix.

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