Set of 2- Air Trust- Natural Air Purifier (Non Electric Air Purifier Deodorizer and Dehumidifier)

  • Rs. 599.00
  • Save Rs. 419

Product Description:
Material: High Quality Jute Fabric
Capacity: 75 grams
Durability: 1 Years



When it comes to your home, the best smell is no smell. Achieve that goal easily.

Introducing the natural air purifier Bags. The best alternative for ionic air purifiers that emit ozone and conventional air fresheners.

Natural air purifier removes bad smell, pollutants, moisture and allergens, Prevent moulds and mildew. This scentless, non-toxic product is constantly on its job and its pocket-friendly and each bag lasting over one year. Lets replace air freshener with Natural air purifier and give our loved once the promise of good health and clean air!

Where to use?

Natural air purifier can be placed in car, bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, bedroom, living room, fridge, wardrobe, gym bag, shoe rack etc.


Main advantages

Light weight and compact

100% non toxic


Eco Friendly

Safe around children and pets

Safe alternative to conventional air fresheners that are filled with formaldehyde, petroleum and fragrance.

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