Plastic Pots Gardening Kit- Parsley, Dill, Green Chilli Small, Spinach, Round Tomato (8 PLASTIC PLANTERS)

  • Rs. 3,749.00
  • Save Rs. 750


1. Eight UV treated Rectangular Terracotta Coloured Plastic pots

  • Width- 16 Inches
  • Height- 8 Inches

2. Two Coco peat Block / Cocopeat Block (Expands upto 25-30 Kg)
3. Nutri Max (2 Kg)
4. Neem Powder Organic Fertilizer (2 Kg)
5. Red Soil (10 Kg) 
6. Two Packet- Seeds (Parsley, Dill, Green Chilli Small, Spinach, Round Tomato)
7. Manual With Detailed Instruction Steps


Plastic planters are popular around the world because they are inexpensive and they can be found in different designs,The advantage of plastic planters being non-absorbent is that plants don’t need the constant watering compared to absorbent planters like terracotta planters.Plastic pots are lightweight, strong and flexible.

They are available in every color of the rainbow to coordinate with interior and exterior decor. Plastic does not have the absorbent action that clay has making them an excellent choice for moisture-loving plants or for those gardeners who water infrequently.

Plastic pots generally have thinner walls than their clay counterparts offering roots to grow. Black plastic can actually act as a solar collector, heating up the potting medium to plant damaging levels.

Many plastic pots intended for outdoor use are treated with ultraviolet light inhibitors to reduce fading and maintain flexibility thus increasing the life-span of the pot.

One of the main disadvantages of clay pots is that they break much more easily than plastic. If you drop a clay pot, it will likely shatter. Plastic pots are easier to clean and disinfect.
Clay pots tend to stain and develop salt deposits on the outside.One advantage in clay pots is that water evaporate easily and when you put excess water that doesn't harm your plants but once if you understood its an easy task.

Plastic Planter/Pots require less water then it will not be a problem anymore,the material we used UV stabilized Polypropylene (PP) plastic which has long life span,the plastic pots are relatively strong compared to clay pots.

Plastic Planters are an efficient way to maintain your plants in as it is adjustable and movable, and it can be found in several sizes, shapes, and colors suiting your requirements,cleaning out a plastic planter is an easy task. To get rid of the remaining dirt and soil from the previous plant.

Plants have been now using as a decor in houses,restaurants and cafes a bonus to this change is that plants provide us with the basic amenities we require to survive the oxygen followed by edible fruits and veggies to cook up your favorite delicious with natural ingredients from your garden itself.

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